Novas At Large!

Novas At Large! - Issue 1- Escape from Heathrow!

In the first dramatic issue of Novas at Large seven average individuals were cast adrift and were bestowed with the powers of the gods themselves. Heathrow International was the stage for their first adventure. At a bar Drew, Lee, Cailin and James met up for the first time, however during this reunion the airport came underattack from the mighty Aberration Noxus. Fearing for their lives and the lives of their loved ones one by one they erupted. First the Master’s of Gravity, Sound and Entropy followed closely by Eric and Arianna’s eruptions endowing them with powers over Time and Animal Life. Still sorely outmatched they fled despite heavy and tragic losses. Noxus was held off by the mighty Iron Maiden. They met up with Zhao Li and continued to flee, making it onto a plane bound for Tokyo. As they fled the mighty Noxus was felled initially by the might of the White Knights only to come again and defeat them in a mighty display of power. However as he made a surely fatal assault on the departing plane the awesomely powerful White Knight himself struck him down and smote him upon the Tarmac. The Group made it safely away in the plane, but their adventure was not over. While above the English Channel Drew ran afoul of a irritable mitoid and in a packed cabin erupted, hurtling his hand through the mitoids chest and gorging himself on the mitoids spilled blood. At that moment an incident in the cockpit caused the plan to lurch out of the sky and plummet towards the water. Through heavy contribution on the part of all parties the passengers were safely removed and the plane iself was almost completely preserved. A great victory for individuals with only fledgling powers who knows what the next issue holds in store. Find out next time in Novas At Large- Issue 2- Identity Crisis!



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