Novas At Large!

Novas At Large!- Issue 2- Breaking onto the Scene!

After their daring adventure at sea the group of heroes landed upon the shore of the English Channel. Aqua, a nova with the French Coast Guard bade them visit with the HNRA and register their identities. The group made their way to the HNRA hostel and came to understand the diversity of Novas in the world in general. To different degrees they registered with the HNRA, each becoming a little more solidly entranced in their own ideas as to how to use their powers. Despite a small amount of arguing the party decided to make their way to London. Once they arrived they established themselves quickly the freelancers renting rooms and the HNRA employees basing themselvs at the compound property. They then made their was into the town looking to bring down any Nova Threats in the city. They quickly found out about a Nova named Zealot, a twisted fiend dealing in slavery in the dark spots of London. They found that Zealot frequented a dark club called the Midnight Palace and decided to ambush him there. Lying in wait the group was forced into premature action when they noticed an innocent young girl being violently accosted. Their timing was poor and Zealot tore into the night before they could even set eyes on him. Now the party faces a choice, pursue Zealot while they stand a chance of finding him, or save the young girl undergoing who knows what terrors in the VIP room. Find out on next time’s Nova’s At Large!.



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