Novas At Large!

Novas At Large!-Issue 3- More Questions then Answers!

In this convoluted and defenestrated issue of Novas at Large! Our heroes concluded their escapades from the previous issue. The group split off one group pursuing the heinous zealot and the other rushing to the rescue of the young woman in the VIP room. She was quickly saved and her captors dealth with. After this the succesful heroes returned to their homes satisfied at another night’s work well done. The party who went in search of Zealot came back a little more shaken up then they left and quickly ran about their own business. This made for an ideal time for a trip to Ireland and the cadre of heroes Marx, Saint Aidan, Night Angel and Noise rapidly traveled there. No sign of Saint Aidan’s mom was at the house but several things of Thomas’ were about the house, a particular blade of which was smuggled out by Night Angel. Aside from Saint Aidan’s house they found a aberration changing in a cave. Marx alerted the templars who sent a suppression force just in time to shoot the aberration out of the sky. Following that the cadre, though demoralized from that incident, returned to London and then Halifax. There they contacted Noise’s family, who were fervently proud of their son’s new lot in life. Paths will be decided and souls will be steeled as our heroes move forward to great things!



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