Novas At Large!

Novas At Large!-Issue 3- More Questions then Answers!

In this convoluted and defenestrated issue of Novas at Large! Our heroes concluded their escapades from the previous issue. The group split off one group pursuing the heinous zealot and the other rushing to the rescue of the young woman in the VIP room. She was quickly saved and her captors dealth with. After this the succesful heroes returned to their homes satisfied at another night’s work well done. The party who went in search of Zealot came back a little more shaken up then they left and quickly ran about their own business. This made for an ideal time for a trip to Ireland and the cadre of heroes Marx, Saint Aidan, Night Angel and Noise rapidly traveled there. No sign of Saint Aidan’s mom was at the house but several things of Thomas’ were about the house, a particular blade of which was smuggled out by Night Angel. Aside from Saint Aidan’s house they found a aberration changing in a cave. Marx alerted the templars who sent a suppression force just in time to shoot the aberration out of the sky. Following that the cadre, though demoralized from that incident, returned to London and then Halifax. There they contacted Noise’s family, who were fervently proud of their son’s new lot in life. Paths will be decided and souls will be steeled as our heroes move forward to great things!

Novas At Large!- Issue 2- Breaking onto the Scene!

After their daring adventure at sea the group of heroes landed upon the shore of the English Channel. Aqua, a nova with the French Coast Guard bade them visit with the HNRA and register their identities. The group made their way to the HNRA hostel and came to understand the diversity of Novas in the world in general. To different degrees they registered with the HNRA, each becoming a little more solidly entranced in their own ideas as to how to use their powers. Despite a small amount of arguing the party decided to make their way to London. Once they arrived they established themselves quickly the freelancers renting rooms and the HNRA employees basing themselvs at the compound property. They then made their was into the town looking to bring down any Nova Threats in the city. They quickly found out about a Nova named Zealot, a twisted fiend dealing in slavery in the dark spots of London. They found that Zealot frequented a dark club called the Midnight Palace and decided to ambush him there. Lying in wait the group was forced into premature action when they noticed an innocent young girl being violently accosted. Their timing was poor and Zealot tore into the night before they could even set eyes on him. Now the party faces a choice, pursue Zealot while they stand a chance of finding him, or save the young girl undergoing who knows what terrors in the VIP room. Find out on next time’s Nova’s At Large!.

Novas At Large! - Issue 1- Escape from Heathrow!

In the first dramatic issue of Novas at Large seven average individuals were cast adrift and were bestowed with the powers of the gods themselves. Heathrow International was the stage for their first adventure. At a bar Drew, Lee, Cailin and James met up for the first time, however during this reunion the airport came underattack from the mighty Aberration Noxus. Fearing for their lives and the lives of their loved ones one by one they erupted. First the Master’s of Gravity, Sound and Entropy followed closely by Eric and Arianna’s eruptions endowing them with powers over Time and Animal Life. Still sorely outmatched they fled despite heavy and tragic losses. Noxus was held off by the mighty Iron Maiden. They met up with Zhao Li and continued to flee, making it onto a plane bound for Tokyo. As they fled the mighty Noxus was felled initially by the might of the White Knights only to come again and defeat them in a mighty display of power. However as he made a surely fatal assault on the departing plane the awesomely powerful White Knight himself struck him down and smote him upon the Tarmac. The Group made it safely away in the plane, but their adventure was not over. While above the English Channel Drew ran afoul of a irritable mitoid and in a packed cabin erupted, hurtling his hand through the mitoids chest and gorging himself on the mitoids spilled blood. At that moment an incident in the cockpit caused the plan to lurch out of the sky and plummet towards the water. Through heavy contribution on the part of all parties the passengers were safely removed and the plane iself was almost completely preserved. A great victory for individuals with only fledgling powers who knows what the next issue holds in store. Find out next time in Novas At Large- Issue 2- Identity Crisis!

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